GBF Linerless labels helping reduce the impact on the environment

A Reduction Revolution in the World of Labels!

Undoubtedly, one of the problems that preoccupy the world’s population is sustainabilityConsumers are beginning to seriously consider the environmental impact caused by each product they consume. This concern is transferred to the manufacturers and brands that provide solutions so that sustainability is now a reality. 
So, where do labels come into this?

Linerless Labels

An innovative labelling method is now on the market, which represents a considerable step forward concerning the environment: ‘linerless labels’ (you may have heard us mention them a few times before), which incorporate these essential advantages: 

  • Reduction of the Environmental Impact: linerless labels are genuinely sustainable. Why? Because liner residues are eliminated with linerless labels. They have no liner and therefore do not require liner adhesives. Additionally, they are half as thick as traditional labels; they also reduce the carbon footprint of labelling.
  • Reduction of Production, Transport and Warehousing Costs: since linerless labels are thinner than traditional ones, each reel can hold twice as many, reducing reel changes and the subsequent downtimes by half. All of this brings about added savings in logistics and transport. Since the space occupied by the new labels is reduced by more than 50%, warehousing and transport costs are reduced by 50% too!

Sounds good, right! Do you think your product could benefit from these advantages?

Sectors that can use Linerless Labelling 

Linerless labels are truly versatile. Since they adjust themselves easily to containers made from various kinds of materials, which come in different sizes and shapes, the good news is we can find them in almost all sectors that exist on the market: drinks (beer, wine, water, soft drinks…), food (oil, milk, canned foods…), cleaning productsperfumery and cosmetics (shampoo, gels, perfumes…) and even in the pharmaceutical sector (disinfectants, syrups…).

What Linerless can do for us

Linerless labels are an excellent solution for reducing costs and supporting the sustainability of our planet. With Linerless Labels, the raw materials necessary to make them are reduced by more than 15%transport, warehousing, and material management costs by 50% and CO2 emissions are also lowered by half!

You will see the following changes for every million labels used with GBF by converting to a linerless option. 

  • CO2 Reduction…500kg
  • Water Reduction… 6,000 litres
  • Energy Reduction ….51,000mj

*Linerless label rolls versus standard 6” x 4”

At GBFwe are committed to innovating and developing sustainable solutions that adapt themselves to the needs of our customers and that provide an environmental benefit to the market.

Get in touch and discover how GBF can help you reduce your environmental impact whilst ensuring your labels have the impact your business deserves.