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GBF offer both flexo and digitally printed labels.

Flexo labels

Flexo printing dates back to the late 1800’s so it’s a long-established, tried and tested printing method.  One rubber plate is created for each colour of the image.  It’s ideal for large volume orders because although the initial set up time is longer, the speed of printing is faster than digital. There is also a wider variety of printing substrates, types of finishes, and innovative inks.

Digital labels

This relatively recent innovation in printing technology has been used to great effect by major brands to produce personalised product labels. Digitally printed labels are recommended for short to medium run print jobs only because of the cost-saving; there is no need to produce rubber plates so the initial set up time is reduced.

Which is the best option? Digital or flexo?

There are benefits of both approaches and the best option for you will depend on the number of labels you need, the turnaround time, and budget.

Digital printing is an obvious fit for smaller printing runs as the initial setup time is much faster.  But when it comes to a larger volume job that initial time-saving is more than off-set by the difference in the speed of printing. 

A typical digital print speed can be anything from 50ft per minute to 150ft.

A flexo print run is up to twice as fast (around 300 fpm), capable of printing the length of Wembley stadium’s football pitch in just over one minute.

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