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We are dedicated to a greener and more sustainable planet. Using environmentally friendly products will help you to improve your green credentials.

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With savings of up to 50% on current costs

Typically, a difficult to recycle material due to its material makeup. However, GBF are now able to offer a recycling solution that will save costs and improve environmental impact.

Our label glassine backing paper collection service is half the cost of traditional general waste disposal options and offers additional environmental benefits.

The current problem

  • The majority of glassine edge trim is being sent to landfill or waste to energy at a cost
  • Glassine paper waste is produced all over the country, often in small volumes
  • The material is often very light and voluminous
  • There are limited recycling options for low volume glassine paper in the UK
  • Sending the glassine paper to landfill is costly and environmentally irresponsible

Zero Labels to landfill scheme

With many labels landing into landfill – GBF are proud to provide our clients zero labels to landfill scheme. We shred and transport label waste to a dedicated facility which will then be turned into UK kilns. Giving your waste a second life!


Enhanced environmental impact and brand credibility as the material disposal route supports ‘zero waste’ and ‘cradle to cradle’. The glassine paper waste is sent to paper manufacturers to be converted into new backing material creating a closed loop

We guarantee no waste will go to landfill or energy from waste

Cost savings as a result of recycling instead of landfilling or sending for waste to energy

Our solution

We collect as little as 600kg of baled glassine paper at any one time from anywhere in the UK

We manage it for you: collection services, establishing and managing volumes, storage, capacity on-site and transport as well as reporting back.

If you currently generate this as waste, please get in touch today for quote.


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