Plain Labels & Thermal Ribbons

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We provide a wide variety of plain labels in a format of your choice (Rolls, Sheet or Fan-folded).

Direct Thermal vs. Thermal Transfer Printing

Depending on your business needs, one of these printing methods will be preferable. Often mistaken for each other, they do in fact offer very different results.

Direct thermal printing generates an image directly onto the label, without the use of ribbons. Because of the absence of ink or toner, this method is often cheaper, with no costly long-term maintenance costs of printers – and with components all easily recyclable. However, the purpose of your labels need to be carefully considered. Although these printing methods produce sharp high quality results, the labels produced will not be suited to extreme environments such as long term exposure to heat or direct sunlight.

That’s where the alternative comes in…thermal transfer printing. Unlike direct thermal printing methods, this does produce labels that are resistant to excessive heat and moisture, making them great for longevity, producing an unmatched, high definition finish for every label.

To conclude; for chemical or industrial labels that have long-life stability, thermal transfer printing is a must, whereas for single and cost-effective labels, direct thermal printing offers the perfect solution.

Thermal Transfer Ribbons

As the leading experts in the latest thermal printing technologies, we supply a huge variety of thermal transfer ribbons for label and card printers.

With different adhesives and finishes to choose from including; Matt, Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Eco and Top coat, we can fully customize plain or printed thermal labels to suit your business needs.

Why choose GBF for your Plain Labels & Thermal Ribbons needs?

The process of creating labels through thermal transfer ribbons is quick and easy. Unlike many other labelling techniques, it provides a fast and clean process that involves no warm-up or cooling time.

By using a single-pass ribbon, the print is perfect from the start to the end of the roll, making it perfect for producing barcodes and multiple information labels on demand.

You’ll never have to worry about thermal printing supply interrupting your operations. Choose a GBF  – a company you can trust. With over 30 years industry experience, we deliver personal service, premium print quality and consistency with every order. Ensure your ribbon delivers the best performance for your application by speaking to our experts today.

Consistent Premium Performance

For a tailored service to suit your needs, contact our friendly and expert team for a quote today on 01858 46 1234.

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