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Whether it’s pallet wrap, packaging tape or even the humble jiffy bag. We’ve got everything you need to protect your products in transit.

Machine Stretch Wrap

Available in different widths, thicknesses, and colours, this is ideal for protecting palletised goods in transit. 

Hand Stretch Wrap

This can easily be stretched around items and the elasticity of the wrap keeps items securely bound to the pallet and protected against the weather.  This can be ready with only a 2-3 day lead time.

Pallet Covers

Add an extra layer of protection with a polythene pallet top cover which protects against dust and bad weather.  The thickness of the material also helps to protect against any punctures that could accidentally occur. We have an array of different sizes and thicknesses available and can supply it as individual sheets or perforated on rolls.

Pallet Banding

For added security in transit, we offer a range of pallet strapping options including polypropylene and polyester strapping reels so that you can have complete faith that your items are completely secured to the pallet.

Packaging Tape, Fragile Tape, and Hazard Tape

We can supply a comprehensive range of tapes.  This includes simple packaging tape available in clear, buff, acrylic, hotmelt or freezer adhesive.  We can even print to your own specifications.

We also have tape that can flag up the fragility of the goods in transit, or tape that can be used to highlight any hazards in the workplace.

Jiffy Bags

We offer a range of jiffy bags in different sizes at competitive prices.

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