Label Life is better Linerless

If you’ve not heard about Linerless Labels, where have you been? 

Linerless labels are produced with no liner and instead have a silicon top coat to ensure labels are released from one another. Removing the liner results in a lighter weight label construction. Up to 60% more labels per roll for similar weight and footprint, and because of that, considerable savings for the end-user in an eco-friendly solution. What’s not to love? 

Wait, there’s more…

GBF are proud to have signed up in partnership with one of the world’s largest label retailers – Zebra. Together, GBF has already reduced label waste heading to landfills with this new linerless label product. Saving approximately 45 tonnes of backing waste. And to put that into context, that’s the equivalent of 5300 miles of label liner waste.

Teaming up with Zebra means our solutions support your sustainability goals. And at the same time, keeps your operations running effectively whilst never compromising quality, service or environmental values.

Currently, we have 23 high profile companies from all sectors, including retail and logistics, trialling our new linerless product. As concerns for environmental sustainability continue to grow, companies are looking for innovative strategies and solutions to decrease their environmental impact while increasing operational efficiencies and productivity. Why not get ahead and join them and start making a difference today?

Did you know that GBF currently has 23 clients trialling linerless labels? These companies alone have a combined total label usage of over 125,000,000 per year. Once they convert (and we’re very confident they will do)as a resultwe will have prevented just over 125 tonnes of backing waste from ending up in landfills – that’s the equivalent of 12,500 miles of liner!

Get in touch and start making a difference with GBF and Zebra today!