Introducing ShipCom labels – guaranteed to stick better than any competitor product

You’re feeling smug, you’ve just dispatched your company’s killer new product, so you’re confident, especially with the annual next day delivery subscription, that your customer is going to be happy, to say the least. Wrong. You start receiving notifications asking where deliveries are, how awful your service is and how once a loyal customer will never use you again. Anxiety sets in. What went wrong? You chose the wrong courier label! 

The humble courier label is often overlooked; however, it’s the key to getting your product to your customer in the way you intended. Never lose out to a courier label again with GBF’s ShipCom. Priding ourselves on our excellent reputation; quality and first-class service each and every time and with our passion for labelling, we put our heads together to create a courier label that just won’t budge.  Find out more

So, what happened to your customer’s delivery? Chances are after being picked and packed, it was labelled up with either a label that got torn, rubbed off or even crumpled on its journey and was unable to be scanned at the sorting hub. Or perhaps when the courier was loading their van, there was heavy rain. The courier is now at your customer’s address, parcel in hand, however, they can’t scan the label as the print has bled off so is unable to handover the parcel as they can’t mark it off their itinerary. We feel your customers’ pain. 

How are GBF’s ShipCom labels different? 

We use Fasson® S2045, probably the best hot melt permanent adhesive on the planet. With Fasson® S2045’s initial tack means ShipCom’s courier labels adhere immediately and provide unparalleled performance on a wide variety of substrates, including corrugated cardboard, making it the go-to adhesive for warehouses and other sectors. 

Teaming the sticking power of Fasson® S2045 with the best quality in label paper means provides clarity of printed information and no ink bleeds. Why not take advantage of this and up your marketing game, with savvy QR promotions, competitions and build your social following and brand presence. 

The benefits of ShipCom:

  • No need for a belt and braces approach to labelling with inserting a second copy of the label inside the box in case the external copy comes off by accident. ShipCom’s courier labels just won’t budge. We are so confident about that, we guarantee it!
  • Using recycled fibres in packaging can sometimes cause barriers to labelling. Not with ShipCom. Regardless of how much recycled content is in your packaging, ShipCom’s courier labels stay put thanks to Fasson® S2045 hot melt adhesive wizardry. 
  • Our ShipCom courier labels are in stock and available for next day delivery. Making joining other big-name players in e-commerce and postal sectors a piece of cake with no interference in service to you or your customers. 
  • Not to mention we have dual sizes in stock: 102 x 152 of 470 per roll 25mm core and 102 x 152 of 1000 per roll 75mm core.

Let’s create a different customer experience…..

Now you can feel smug, you’ve just dispatched your companies killer new product, so you’re confident, especially with the annual next day delivery subscription that your customer is going to be happy, to say the least. 

Guess what? You were right! You start receiving notifications thanking you for a seamless service, what great condition parcels arrived in and how your customer loves their purchase, they are going to order another! You can relax, you chose the right label! 

What are you waiting for? We guarantee our ShipCom courier labels stick better than any competitor product. Get in touch