2D Barcode Labels – 3 Benefits for Online Retailers

The 2D Barcode Label Service was launched by Royal Mail back in November of 2015.
Since this time, forward thinking large online retailers have been quick to adopt this new development as the overall benefits to their business is evident.

Within the purchasing department of a large online retailer there are many important decisions to be made in regards to the products.

In this article we will provide 3 reasons why choosing to implement 2D Barcode labels could be one of the best decisions that you will make.

2D Barcode Labels provide better customer service

2D barcodes are already revolutionising the returns process and can be seen to be massively improving the service that the customer enjoys. These new 2D barcodes can be scanned automatically by Royal Mail in order to seamlessly return a package to the retailer.

There are, of course, several different reasons why a customer might want to return a package. However, it will essentially boil down to some degree of dissatisfaction with the product that they have received. Ensuring a smooth returns process can mean the difference between the customer giving the retailer a second chance and never shopping from them again.

When a customer needs to return a package to a retailer, the process can often be quite time consuming. The customer might even be surprised to learn that they will incur costs for doing so. Research has shown that 73% of people who shop online are unlikely to use a retailer again if they find it difficult to return an item in the post to them. Furthermore, 81% of online shoppers are unlikely to use a retailer again if they have to pay to return an item in the post. Therefore, providing an efficient returns system, that does not cost the customer anything, is essential to customer retention.

Providing a positive user experience has become increasingly important as the advent of social media has developed. There has never before been such potential for your brand to get a bad reputation due to an isolated negative incident. Incorporating these labels into your dispatch process is a great way to ensure that even the customers who are unhappy with their items are happy with their returns service. Improving this area of your service to the customer can help to maintain a positive and long-lasting relationship.

2D Barcode Labels streamline the whole parcel dispatch process

E-commerce and online retail are without a doubt the fastest growing market sectors in Europe today. As the amount of online shopping that people do is continuing to grow, it goes without saying that the need to send their orders in the posts also grows.

With large retailers having to cope with the increased demand on their postal services, the potential to simplify the returns process is one that is being embraced across the board. By saving time, they are saving money and reducing the potential for errors with returned items. This goes to show that the benefits of using these labels do not stop at the customer and the retailer also has a lot to gain.

“With early figures showing online sales growth at record levels, the burden is increasing on retailers to find ways to limit or offset ballooning delivery costs.” Source:

2D Barcode Labels will result in Cost Savings

Royal mail has stated

“From Spring 2016 our operation will be changed to work with barcoded parcels, and it will be more expensive for us to handle items that are not barcoded. If you cannot change this may mean a higher price to reflect these costs.” Source: 

Moving to the Royal mail 2d barcode service will result in a lower overall cost to your delivery process by removing the additional fees for products with tracking or signatures. The migration should also see a reduction in lost or supposedly undelivered parcels.

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