What are the advantages to linerless labels?

What are the advantages to linerless labels, here’s a quick guide: Linerless labels offer a number of advantages over traditional labels, making them an attractive choice for many applications.

Environmental advantages

One major advantage is the total removal of any backing liner waste. This can help reduce costs and make production processes faster and more efficient. All businesses are targeted to become carbon zero by 2030, linerless labels may only be a small cog in that wheel, but an important one to reduce waste and non-recyclable material from your business.

Efficiency gains

Lineless labels also tend to be easier to apply than traditional labels, which can help improve production speed and accuracy overall. With no backing the label operator only needs to pull the label form the printer and apply the sticker. There is no need to peel away the label with linerless labels. This process can be automated in many circumstances and can help produce higher quality products with consistent labelling.

Cost savings

Finally, without the need for backing material, linerless labels tend to cost less than traditional labels. This directly translates into financial savings for businesses that switch to linerless labels, making them an even more attractive option overall.

In conclusion, linerless labels help you become greener, save time and save money.

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