The Sky’s The Limit for Linerless Labels.

Here’s the scenario, you need labels; not only that, but the labels also need to be environmentally friendly. We’ve got the solution! GBF’s linerless labels are eco-friendly but still deliver just what you need! Let us tell you why:

The environment will love you!
Siliconised liner material is a waste as it cannot be recycled. Currently, the world consumption of pressure-sensitive labels is running at 1.4 million tonnes annually, of which less than 12% is recycled. Shockingly, that amounts to a whopping 616,000 tonnes of liner waste material that ends up in landfills! But thanks to linerless labels, this is now completely avoidable and can become a thing of the past. 

You’ll save money!
Did you know, linerless reels weigh up to 40% less? With no reel in the way, it also means linerless labels take up 40% less space than labels with carrier backing paper. The good news is, you’ll save money from decreased shipping and storage costs. And if that wasn’t enough, eliminating the liner means avoiding landfill disposal costs and the environmental damage that goes with it.

A safer workplace 
Label liners often end up on the print room floor. And with silicone coatings can leave your workspace vulnerable to trips and falls (as if workplace health and safety needs another element to contend with). Avoid sticky (or, should we say, slippery) situations like this and opt for our linerless labels. 

Faster and more efficient
Linerless labels allow for more labels per roll, resulting in longer runs and increased uptime. Quicker changeovers mean that line speeds are not compromised, and you’ll spend less time cleaning up liner waste. Therefore, an increase in production efficiency is a massive advantage.

GBF has got you covered
We’ve got over 30 years in business, we have a wealth of experience in meeting your label, print and packaging needs, so why go anywhere else!

Become a linerless leader with us
We are constantly striving to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint and are proud to be doing our bit for the environment. Choosing linerless labels means that you’ll be helping to protect and sustain Planet Earth for future generations to come.

Get in touch today and discover how GBF’S linerless label solutions can help your business and our planet.