Peel and Reveal Labels

Peel and reveal labels are those that have a self-adhesive base label and a removable top layer. This allows for an extra print surface to be revealed once the top label has been peeled away. Not only does this create an interesting and aesthetically pleasing product, but it also eliminates the necessity for secondary labelling, thereby helping to keep costs down.

In the following article we are going to discuss why these labels are an optimum choice, as well as exploring which industries have already adopted them.

Why choose Peel and Reveal Labels?

Peel and reveal labels have a simple appearance with a sophisticated function. They take up as much physical space as a regular label but are able to hold much more text.

Peel and reveal labels are the perfect choice when you need to include a great deal of information in a small amount of space. Overcrowding can often be a problem on labels of small products. Not only does a large amount of information make the product less aesthetically pleasing, but it also means that the font has to be smaller, and therefore much less noticeable.

In the last few years the amount of essential regulatory information required on products can be seen to have increased. This means that promotional text, instructions and any multi-lingual information can often be left competing for space. It is not ideal for important sales information to be displaced because regulatory information has to take priority. However, with peel and reveal labels this issue of space is solved.

Who has adopted Peel and Reveal Labels?

These labels have especially been embraced by many companies in the food industry who wish to provide additional information, such as a recipe suggestion, on their products. The pharmaceutical industry has also been quick to adopt these labels. This is because when it comes to pharmaceutical products, there is a large amount of product information and instructions relating to the safe use of that product, alongside storage instructions and potential side effects, that legally must be included on the packaging. Further information, such as details of the manufacturer and the licence holder are also often legally required to be displayed on pharmaceutical products.

The food and pharmaceutical industries are certainly not the only ones to be taking advantage of these labels. The additional space that peel and reveal labels provide makes them perfect for offering money off coupons, promoting competitions and show-casing other special offers. Because of this, they are useful to practically every industry that sells their products in a retail environment.

Peel and Reveal for Promotions

When a company wishes to advertise a promotion on the packaging of a product, peel and reveal labels are a fantastic choice for doing so. The consumer can be drawn to the product with an initial promotional message that they then have to peel the label away to discover the rest of. This is helpful for presenting the promotion in a visually pleasing way and then being able to provide all of the relevant information without over-complicating the first message.

If you want to find out further benefits of peel and reveal labels, or you are ready to order them for your products, then contact GBF today.

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