Integrated Labels: Four reasons why they are critical to eCommerce

For the uninitiated, integrated labels are those which include all of the relevant information for the packaging and dispatch of a product. The following article will explain why this often-overlooked administrative sheet can be an incredibly useful tool for growing eCommerce businesses, especially those looking to streamline their system and provide an excellent customer service experience.

Integrated labels are generally displayed on an A4 sheet, and are often referred to as dispatch labels or shipping labels. The labels are in keeping with the eCommerce designs, and are designed to act as a useful addition to a customer’s order that helps to improve the image of the business. This can give an eCommerce business an edge over their competitors which is essential for success in existing crowded markets. Studies have shown that eCommerce will grow by up to 20% this year. Click to read more about this trend and how to succeed!

Below are four reasons why they are critical to the success of an eCommerce business.

Time is money, and these labels save time

All the relevant information for shipping is included on integrated labels: the product information; the invoice details (such as bank references); the delivery address; and the corporate return address. The beauty of using these labels is that they are split into separate sections, with each individual label on the page being self-adhesive and easily removed for use on eCommerce packages.

Using these labels is a great way to streamline the delivery process whilst keeping costs down. For growing eCommerce businesses, they are a logical choice for keeping time spent on dispatch to a minimum, whilst delivering all the pertinent information in an easy manner.

With all the important details simply displayed on one sheet, eCommerce businesses no longer have to refer to multiple documents to find the information needed for a successful transaction. Invoice details are included on the integrated labels sheet, rather than buried in paperwork, meaning that rather than spending needless time on finding the details, eCommerce businesses can concentrate on providing the best customer service possible.

Integrated labels improve the accuracy of eCommerce processing

Integrated labels are widely used by eCommerce platforms, and with good reason. One of the most likely causes of customer dissatisfaction is the lack of accuracy in delivery details and in dispatch. By including all the necessary information on a quick-to-process label, eCommerce businesses can avoid these common issues.

The potential for errors to occur is greatly reduced when all the details are collated in one, easy-to-find location, and this clarity extends across the whole eCommerce delivery process. Whether it is the packing person selecting items according to the order details, the courier sourcing the delivery address for the customer, the business administrator searching for invoice details, or the customer themselves searching for the returns address, integrated labels cover all the bases.

Growing eCommerce businesses must do their utmost to provide the best possible service during their growth phase. By simplifying their dispatch process with the simple step, they can improve their accuracy and make their system efficient and error-free.

Customers will love the simplified return process

integrated labels

There is nothing more frustrating for an eCommerce customer than not being unable to easily return a product if they are unhappy. To prevent further harm to their online reputation, it is well worth the while of growing eCommerce businesses to make the returns process as smooth and as simple as possible.

By including all the return details in an easily comprehensible label, the customer can find all the details they need in one brief glance. Better yet, they can even include return information on a peel-and-stick label that is attached to the invoice. This means that all the customer has to do is spend a minute or two packing before their return is ready.

There is no further effort on the customer’s part, which means that their opinion of the eCommerce retailer is that much improved.

Integrated labels can act as a marketing tool for further business

Integrated labels can also be used as a marketing tool to maximise the full potential of this frequently ignored addition to a customer order. For example, eCommerce businesses can add a promotional offer to the label, such as a discount code for a future purchases. This invites the customer to extend their business further with the company, with minimal effort on the part of the eCommerce vendor.

Integrated labels can also be used to promote the eCommerce website, as well as any social media channels the business may have. This encourages the customer to do their own promotion of products, which can be incredibly beneficial for businesses that are still in their growing stages.

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