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  • Understanding Chemical Identification Labels

    Understanding Chemical Identification Labels

    Procurement managers and warehouse managers are required by law to stay up to date on the latest chemical identification labels. However, knowing when you have to use chemical labels and what chemical labels you will need can be difficult.

    This post will cover chemical identification label usage directions, as well as details of the latest chemical labels that you should be aware of.

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    9th May 2016 By GBF Chemical Identification Labels
  • Peel and Reveal Labels

    Peel and Reveal Labels

    Peel and reveal labels are those that have a self-adhesive base label and a removable top layer. This allows for an extra print surface to be revealed once the top label has been peeled away. Not only does this create an interesting and aesthetically pleasing product, but it also eliminates the necessity for secondary labelling, thereby helping to keep costs down. More →

    3rd May 2016 By GBF Peel and Reveal